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I called store after store EVERY single for months trying to buy an NES Classic game console but they were sold out or were expecting a shipment of about 6 or 8 units total. The closest I ever got was at a Target store where I called right before their shipment was received and RUSHED to that store just to see some Scalper buy 5 of them at one time.

Wish there was a limit per customer or simply more shipped out. Wish you could buy the console on a website and after paying they make sure that you eventually get one but that makes too much sense. Scalpers are making EVERY experience I have had with buying a Nintendo product in the last decade purely unpleasant.

I eventually got online for 6xs the retail price!! Please learn from the past.

Reason of review: Scalpers.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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I totally agree! Nintendo is pushing away it's fans by pulling *** bull like this! F Nintendo, I hope it goes out of business, it would serve them right.

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