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I would also like to express how dissatisfied I am with the limited amount of new products coming out! I really wanted to get the Nintendo Switch but like always there was a very very little amount available.

Now people on Ebay and everywhere else wants $200.00 more than it retails for which puts a low income person like me to hard to pay for. I have been saving but all for nothing now!

Im disappointed that will not be able to get one now! Why do you do this?

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Waynesboro, Virginia, United States #1330866

Hate to break it to ya but theres only one good game on the switch and thus it's not worth forking over that type of cash for Breath of the Wild when you can easily play it on the wii u. If you haven't learned it's really not worth trying to get a system day one when it drops due to bugs / issues or having to fight the crowds of all the mouth breathing / windex drinking sheeple who rush to get things, But hey to each their own. I rather wait 6 months after it came out and starts to add more games to it's library aka Splatoon 2 and other awesome games.


Yes because nintendo should die because YOU cant get a system. As with ANY new electronic device, be it a phone, tablet, or gaming console, you have to PRE ORDER one to get it when it first releases.

If YOU did not PRE ORDER the system then YOU only have yourself and YOUR laziness to blame. Perhaps mommy and daddy didnt teach YOU about SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!! People who have PRE ORDERED the system get it first. After the pre orders are filled THEN the general public gets a shot at purchasing.

NO COMPANY is going to be able to produce enough of ANY electronic device to COMPLETLY fulfill EVERYONES desire to have one. Talk about being a self entitled piece of dung!!!

Are we to understand that YOU are such a special pretty snowflake that YOU should just be given one? Above someone else who HAS paid and placed a pre order??

to Anonymous #1313913

Go screw yourself, jack off!

to *** you Nintendo *** #1314095

Insults only prove their point. If you cant respond back with a solid comment why even bother showing that mommy shouldn't let you play on her PC.

You have proven their point that you are a "special snowflake". Probably the kind that wears a helmet so they don't hurt themselves.

to Anonymous #1320074

Nobody cares about your opinion, you probably work for Nintendo.


I could not agree more! Nintendo does this to their customers every time!

They bring out a new product, and it will never be in the stores for their customers to get one. They did the same thing with the Nintendo Classic Edition!

Scalpers on Ebay, and Amazon are charging at least double for them, and the Classic has been out since last November, for F sake. Go screw yourself Nintendo, we don't need you!


The initial hype will die down and you will be able to go into a store and buy it. Just be patient.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands #1313265

Nintendo can go out of business, and it would serve them right.

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