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hey everyone I am posting here to let you know the truth about Nintendo "customer service"

let me explain around December I purchased a wii fit board.

It randomly broke down on me last week so i sent it no Nintendo for a repair.

today I got a call saying it will cost me £52 for a repair because apparently batteries have leaked into the board


A. It is within its warranty period

B. the damage is NOT user caused

C. i have the batteries right in front of me now they are not leaking remotely.

everyone avoid Nintendo like the plague

I used to be a loyal Nintendo fan from the NES but after this I have to spread the word and make them know they have lost a fan

Monetary Loss: $52.

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Customer service pfftt!! They have lost my disabled sons 3ds xl!!after I sent it to be fixed under warranty,they sent it back after three week claiming to be fixed,received it,same problem,I sent it back with charger now after another 3 wk it has gone missing!!after numerous calls Nintendo blaming courier n trying to say it will take 28 days t sort out!! This is not acceptable,I should hv taken it elsewhere then I wouldn't have a little boy in tears.bad Nintendo.


Are the batteries made by Nintendo? Oh, they aren't?

The board is still under factory warranty? When is the last time factory warrant covered damage to the system by a product of another compan? Oh that's right, NEVFER. You are thinking of "insurance".

I suggest you dont get it fixed because you are too dumb to own the product. Go put on a tinfoil hat.

to Anonymous Water Orton, England, United Kingdom #688321

Lol I am more intelligent than you fanboy.

I will have you know that I attended Aston university which I'm sure is more than you.

Back to the topic at hand however if you actually READ the post fully you would actually understand that I I said Nintendo are saying it is battery damage however I have proof of a manufacturing defect.

to Anonymous #840352

He said he had the battery's in his hand? How could they be leaking in his hand and then spill all the way to Nintendo's repair factory onto the board?

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