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So I bought my Nintendo Wii for my two children at launch when it first came out in November 2006. It is a great system and my kids love it to the point that they can't stop playing it.

But just this last week strange graphical "artifacts" (as Nintendo likes to put it) started showing up on the screen, blocking out half of the screen making everything unplayable. We hooked it up to three other TV's in the house and the same effect happened every time. I called Nintendo and they said that I would have to pay $70 since I failed to register my system and that even then the warranty was only good for one year.

This is ridiculous and completely unacceptable. I suggest getting a store warranty if you pick one of these things up (if you can even find one) because believe me, you won't want to have a broken Wii and bummed out kids.

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You get a one year warranty on the Nintendo Wii, the fact that it is almost 6 years old and you are complaining that it is broken. Get a grip.

to Paul Stevens Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #688003

original post dated 2008...

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46892

Are you sure you are not a kid yourself. If you failed to register, and thay have a one year warrently you are out of luck because of your own *** mistake. I am sure your chidren are proud of having a father like you who wants things his way rather than how they should be.

Almirante Tamandare, Parana, Brazil #46886

i think i know why it said failed to register the wii,go to nintendos website,create an account,and then click register system,you can enter the serial number,then it will be registered.hope it will help with the cost if that affected it

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