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Why is nintendo keeping all the good titles in japan only??

there is more people in the world and certainly more money, so why??

I don't think that there is too much effort to translate a game since no one is going to learn all those kanjis.

I know that there are franchises that are significative to japanese people for their heritage, culture, history, etc. And you might think that they are not going to be successful in the rest of the world, but, cant you let us, gamers and consumers, decide if a franchise is successful overseas?

What if the new hit title isn't selling just because it doesn't have the fame as pokemon or zelda

Please we want games like Digimon, Super Robot Wars, dragon quest, medabots, etc.

I am personally a big fan of Jrpg's those games are incredible for their deep stories or just seeing my units grow powerful.

Let me tell you something nintendo you are getting behind microsoft and sonny in this consoles wars, your best chance is to release more "japanese only" titles.

Just Think about it, where would be Mario if he would've stayed in japan.

Bring us more games the rewards for your company could be greater than the expenses in translating and releasing

Please don't look down on my letter, you probably are thinking "what do you know", well as a consumer i know better what i want to buy from you guys


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