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Okay, so in Dec. 2013, I bought the limited edition Wind Waker HD bundle, right?

Well, for about a year, it worked fine. But then one night, it suddenly decided to stop working. I always unplug the AC adapter from the system, in case of surges, and place both the system and the cord in a safe place. The next morning, I went to turn the system on, and was met with a blinking red light.

I kept trying to turn it on, even doing the AC-two-minute-wait, and nothing.

It eventually stopped working completely, but the gamepad still works fine. When I called customer service, they didn't attempt to help at all, simply telling me I HAD to send it in, for them to "fix." In other words, they were going to take the game inside, give me a cheaper, refurbished model, and throw mine away, without giving me my save data.

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