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I was working out on the Wii Fit. My daughter also works out on the Wii Fit.

I got to the opening screen and the *** marshmallow shaped thing asked me if I saw any difference in her. She looked chubbier but I kept that to myself, and said I noticed nothing.

The idiotic marshmallow told me I was not paying enough attention to her. How rude!

It judged me even though I was perfectly nice.

Do not buy the Wii Fit, it will try to say you are a bad parent.

I'm returning this junk first thing tomorrow.

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Walsall, England, United Kingdom #657809

sounds more like a wii *** board :D

dw i had *** with shittendo too

ironically also about a wii fit board


I love it when idiots like you complain

its so funny


Really?........Get a life and quit letting a computer game hurt you feelings

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #63907

you must be really insecure if a computer bothers you. try to see the humor in it.

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